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Please call us at (606) 787-9381 or email for more information about any of these services.

》ABC Mouse

ABC Mouse is an educational website recommended for ages 2 – 8. It’s available for free inside the library only.

》 Ancestry Library Edition

Ancestry Library Edition is available for free on computers inside the library. Please see the front desk for information on how to get connected.


The Bookmobile serves homebound adults throughout the county who are unable to make it into the library themselves. For more information about the Bookmobile, please click here.

》Computers & Internet

The library has public access computers that are free to use, along with free Wi-Fi available for personal devices. For more information on this service, click here.

》Exam Proctoring

If you have an online exam that requires a proctor, we have librarians available to do that for free.


The library has a robust genealogy section filled with history of Casey County and the neighboring counties. It is also currently undergoing digitization, and as more items get digitized they will be available online at

》Kentucky Talking Books

Talking Book Service is available through the Kentucky Talking Book Library. This service is provided free of charge to anyone unable to read because of a visual or physical limitation. Thousands of books and magazines are available on tape for adults and children. Applications for this service are available at our front desk.

》Notary Public

At no charge, you may have documents (requiring a witness only) signed by a Notary Public at the library.


Your library card provides you free access to Kentucky Libraries Unbound, where you have the option to check out any of thousands of e-books, audiobooks, or videos. For more information, call (606) 787-9381 to help get set up.

》Print, Scan, & Fax

For a small fee, you can print or fax items at the library. Scanning is free. For more information on these services, including the price, click here.


Your Casey County Public Library librarians are here to help answer your questions, whether it be navigating the online catalog, finding a number or address, printing government forms, recommending books, etc. Whatever your need, your librarians will do their best to find an answer or connect you with resources.

》Request a Book Bundle

Let our trained librarians pick out some books or DVDs tailored to you and your preferences. To put in a request for a book bundle, please click here.