The Bookmobile Is Not Running a Regular Schedule at This Time. If You Are Unable to Visit the Main Library Please Call for Delivery Service. New Schedules Are Being Worked Out and Will Hopfully Be Available in the Fall

Having trouble getting to the library? Then let the library come to you!
Through our bookmobile program, the Casey County Public library provides personalized library service to people who may have difficulty visiting our library, including senior citizens, individuals with physical limitations, children, and geographically remote residents. Our bookmobile includes materials for young children, teens and adults.

The bookmobile operates on a three-week rotation schedule. Please contact us for detailed information about these routes. Our current routes include:

  • Butchertown: Butchertown, Friendship Baptist Church, Sand Knob Rd, Maxey’s Valley Rd, Hwy 243, Black Lick Rd, Elk Cane Branch Rd, Ellisburg, Hwy 906
  • Chestnut Level: Dutchman’s Market, Hwy 910, Pee Dee Creek, Chestnut Level Rd, Argyle, Oak Hill Rd, Hines Rd, Poodledoo Rd, Hwy 827, Merrit Ridge Willow Springs: Dry Ridge, Contown, Henson Ridge
  • Riffe Creek / Dunnville: Hwy 70, Hwy 1615, Moxley Rd, Hwy 206, Riffe Creek Rd, Dunnville, Hwy 217, Hwy 2310, Thomas Ridge Rd, Brock Rd, Turner Ridge
  • Calvary Ridge: Hwy 70, Calvary Ridge, Fishing Creek Rd, Brown School Rd, Hwy 837, Crossroads, Bethelridge, Godbey Rd, Vest Rd, Jonathan Fork Rd, Rich Hill, Willow Springs Rd, Contown Rd, Henson Ridge Rd, Shut-in Rd
  • Hwy 70: Hwy 127, Hwy 1552, Middleburg, Patsy Riffe Ridge Rd, Long Branch Rd, Hwy 906, Frey Creek Church, Upper Brush Creek, Hwy 1552,
  • 501 / 910: Hwy 1649, Dry Ridge, Hwy 501, Clear Branch Rd, Jonathan Fork, G. Elmore Rd, Hwy 910, Turner Rd, Gosser Rd, Tarter Rd.
  • Hwy 49/1547: Hwy 49, Hwy 1547, Hwy 1859, Hwy 1742, Green River Rest Home
  • South Fork: Sloan Fork Rd, Henson Creek Rd, Chuck Luck Rd, South Fork Ridge
  • Elementary School Routes: Liberty Elemetary, Jones Park Elementary, and Walnut Hill Elementary