2013 Creative Writing Winners

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The Casey County Public Library, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce, Casey County News, and Friends of the Library, takes great pleasure in congratulating the 5th Annual Casey County Creative Writing Contest winners!
This year’s challenge was to tell a story – in 150 words or less – that includes the following line of dialogue: “So that’s what the Mayans were talking about”.  Following are the winners from the Middle School, High School and Adult entries.


1st Place – Mike Dean

I was sitting with my dog on the bridge watching the river race by under us, the birds quiet as the winter had settled in. A grey gloom was in the sky and a chill breeze stirred in the bare branches above us. Suddenly, the sky changed as an enormous blue banner appeared in the heavens.  My dog whimpered and cowered at my feet as words began to form in the skies … “A new update has been downloaded for Earth 1.0. Install now?” I was dumbstruck and confused for a moment…then I had an epiphany… “So THAT’S what the Mayans were talking about”.

2nd Place – Fr. Patrick Dolan

Willie and Joe were reminiscing in the lobby of the old-soldier’s home about how much things had changed since they had come home from WWII.
Willie:  “It ain’t just all those new gadgets, or the huge government debt. Folks today are shallow; they got no depth and no hope.”
Joe:     “We grew up in the roaring 20’s and lost everything in the great depression and still had purpose and hope. What’s wrong today?”
Willie:  “My grandson says he loses more army buddies to suicide each
year than to battle!”
Joe:     “No Way!”
Willie:  “Fraid so. The whole generation’s focused on things and still ain’t satisfied. They got no purpose, no goal in life. They say they’re spiritual but don’t want no religion. Seems the hope-filled world you and I knew has come to an end…”
Joe:     “So that’s what the Mayans were talking about?”
Willie: “Could be…”

 3rd Place – Patti Jensen

The Mayan Way
Creation and end of the world foretold
Earth created by wind, sea and sky unfold
Mythology, folk talks and or legend
Animals, clay, wood, and maize ancestors fashioned
Actions of heroes arranging the world,
The earth god’s daughter romance swirled
Hunahpu and Xbalanque their hero twins
Out of the marriage beings the sun and moon origins
Twin myth albeit it in a version
Ancient myths preserved by neighboring people dispersion
So that’s what the Mayans were talking about
Not the end of the world – as some did spout.


1st Place – Damien Lawhorn

One man with a chisel and hammer in his hands was diligently working on the massive stone circle in front of him. Two were enjoying the meat on the platter in front of them while bragging about the day’s hunt. “I shot the arrow while I was running,” said one. “I didn’t even use a bow. I got him with my spear,” replied the other. The sculptor couldn’t take another second of their bickering. Rushing to finish the calendar, his hand slipped and the hammer smashed his thumb. “Ow! I’m done!” he yelled, throwing his tools at the others. “But you didn’t finish the part that says and so on,” said the bowman. “Do you suppose people will just think the world will end then? I mean really?” I woke up thinking, “So this is what the Mayans were talking about.”

2nd Place – Dallas Johnson

Once there was a young scholar called Mr. Winthrow who lived next door to a musically inclined couple of the name Mayan. This in itself was fine except that the Mayans always practiced their music loudly at night. Mr. Winthrow as their closest neighbor (excluding Ms. Spintry who was deaf) felt that it was his solemn duty to complain every night soon after the music began. He would march over in his nightclothes; knock on the door and after the Mayans answered; launch into a tirade against nightly symphonies. The Mayans would then give him some good reasons for why they must play at night (which never made sense). Lately they had also mentioned they were almost done.
“So that’s what the Mayans were talking about” he said one day after several silent nights as he read an article about a famous musical couple’s new symphony ‘Sounds of the Night’.

3rd Place – Connor McGill

Two bearded men sit in a space. Between them burns a flame. Within this flame the two men quietly observe riots break out, explosions scorch the earth, and the horrified cries of humanity. The humans fear for their lives as they know them. This fear consumes them in every aspect.
So within this flame the world burns, yet the two men fret not, whereas they are not men at all in a sense. Gods perhaps? Ageless masters of the universe? Observative constellations?
One laughs as he recalls a clever Mayan scribe’s devious prank upon mankind. Through his tears of laughter he exclaims in inhuman baritone, “So that’s what the Mayans were talking about!”


1st Place – Emily Shoemaker

“I figured it out,” I whispered.
“What?” Ava asked.
“You remember when everyone thought the world would end on December 21, 2012?” I asked.
“Everyone went insane because the Mayan calendar ended. Why?” Ava replied.
“The Mayans were right,” I choked.
“That is impossible! We’re still here aren’t we?” Ava said incredulously.
“No, right here in this diary entry, it states:

December 21, 2012
Today we will conquer the earth. The humans will never know we have possessed their bodies. They will continue to live their lives as they should. They cannot find out, it would pose a danger to The Plan. This will cause immediate elimination to humans who know of our presence.

“So that’s what the Mayans were talking about. They were right,” Ava whispered.
“What do we do now?” I asked.
“We tell no one, or else we’ll face elimination.”

2nd Place – Jenna Carman

It was December 21, 2012, the day everyone thought the world was about to end. My best friend and I decided to go to the planetarium for one last look at the beautiful glowing stars above our home planet. After being seated, the show began. One bright, shining ball of gas after another made us gasp at its beauty. Blue, red, green, white, yellow, each star was a magnificent hue. After the first 30 minutes, the display changed to our solar system. After visiting Mercury and Venus, we came to the fascinating planet we call home. Halfway through the show, Earth exploded, on the screen that is. The projector overheated and accidentally gave a display of what people thought would happen. We were evacuated and sent home. “Technically the world did end! My friend told me the next day. “So that’s what the Mayans were talking about!” I replied.

3rd Place – Natalie McAninch

“So that’s what the Mayans were talking about,” I told myself as I walked out of class. Mr. Patterson was lecturing my class today on how the world was not going to end and the Mayans just ran out of room on their calendar.
I went to my locker to meet my two friends Kelsey and Kijanna waiting on me. They both looked very excited about something. “What’s going on guys?” I asked.
“Mr. Patterson is in his room passed out!” Kelsey replied very loudly.
“Come on, we’ll go show you … he’s still there!” Kijanna said motioning me to follow her.
When we got to Mr. Patterson’s room we saw him lying on the floor with a potato near his head. I walked to him and picked up the potato. It said …”that’s for the homework”.