Computers & Internet

Public Access Computers

Your Casey County Public Library provides free access to 12 desktop computers for public use and 7 dedicated Macs for children and teens. Web browsers and the Microsoft Office suite is installed on all of our computers. Staff is available to assist with computer use if needed.


Printing is available from all computers for a fee. For more information on printing, please click here.

  • Black and white: $0.15 per page or $0.25 for double sided
  • Color: $0.50 per page

For black and white copies of 100 pages or more, the price is discounted to $0.10 per page.


The library provides free Wi-Fi access in and around the building. Any wireless device with a web browser should be able to use our wireless service. No password is required, however when connecting to the Internet, a welcome screen should appear. Please click the green Continue To Internet button in order to connect. If this doesn’t pop up, try going to in your web browser and that should force it to open.